Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally made some pages!

I haven't felt much like scrapping since I lost all my digital scrapbook supplies when my computer got it's virus. I've slowly been downloading (and trying to organize!) some new files but have honestly been un-motivated doing so. I have so wanted to scrap but have hesitated to do so due to a small number of choices to use on my page. I like variety. I like mixing and matching elements, I like being able to search for that certain color. I guess even just typing this is making me want to go organize and download so that I can have those choices. Anyways ... enough rambling. Here are the pages I made today:

The first is for my Favorite Movie Quotes Album: (couldn't have this kind of album without having a Twilight page ... now come on)

The second page I completed is my take on catalyst #54 from the Creative Therapy Blog. This week's prompt was: What’s something you wish you could do? (Something you know how but are too afraid to try.) Loving the color in this one!!!

The third page was for catalyst #11 on the Creative Therapy Blog, the prompt was: What is your first memory.


Jo Power said...

Found your blog through Creative Therapy and have to say your pages are great. I love the I wish page the colours are stunning I now feel the urge to go and see what I can do for no54. Thank you for sharing.xx

jillconyers said...

I'm sorry about all of your frustrations with the computer.

Your layouts are amazing. Of course the first one is my favorite and I love the composition of #54.

Lucy Edson said...

Good luck with starting your art journal! It is a rewarding and wonderful experience!!

Thanks for playing along with us at Creative Therapy! :)

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