Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Feeling So far Away

I heard somewhere someone say that God never moves, when we feel like He is far away it is us that has moved. For some reason I have been thinking of that all day and today I am feeling so far away from Him. When I first got clean almost a year ago, I know it was because of God. It was God who brought me to that place that I needed Him to guide my life and be with me to show me where He wanted me to be. God was the #1 focus in my life. The past little while though I have felt like I have drifted away. I actually feel like I am so very far away, that I am not sure I can get back to where I want to be. To be where God is leading me to where I need to be to where He is the most important thing in my life. Sometimes I feel so unworthy of His love, and His guidance. It is a difficult thing feeling so far away.

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Sue said...

Sandy, You are so right that God hasn't moved, but maybe he is moving you. Look at your life and what is happening in it right now. Perhaps God is opening a window or a door for you right now. That always brings a "drafty" feeling and makes us feel as though our focus is not as clear...at first. Examine your own strengths at this time and see if God hasn't given you something to hold onto. My bet is that if you have recovered from some difficult times lately with God's help, perhaps he needs you to reach out to someone else with that same spirit. I usually find that if I am a giving or helping spirit, my closeness with God returns. I pray for you today and hope that your faith remains srtong and that your close feeling with God returns soon.

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