Friday, June 09, 2006

2 Peas Friday Blogger Challenge

Join us today/Friday if you blog. Challenge: Share with the rest of us, some of your most FUNNIEST MOMENTS in your life. Have fun! Could be anything.. just funny things you remember!
Pretty much all of the funny things I remember are things my daughters have said. They are so innocent and almost anything can come out of their mouths. One was when Emily told me she wanted to be a pinecone when she grew up because they were pretty (she was 3 at the time.) Another was when Amber tried to convince me to come live at her dad's house with him and his girlfriend. She told me that daddy had two pillows on his bed - one for him and one for Amanda and that I could sleep on the couch. It was so honest and so innocent - it was so cute! (She was 6.)

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