Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meaning of Christmas Album - Title Page & Day One

I worked on this project two Christmases ago. Found the challenge listed on the Faith Sisters website. Loved how the whole album turned out and love the message in the story so I thought I'd share it with you all in the days leading up to Christmas. Enjoy. Today I have posted the title page I made and the story for Day One.

Title Page

Day One

Late one Christmas Eve, I sank back, tired but content in my easy chair. The kids were in bed, the gifts were wrapped, the milk and cookies waited by the fire place for Santa. As I sat back admiring the tree with it's decorations, I couldn't help but feeling that something important was missing. It wasn't long before the tiny twinkling tree lights lulled me to sleep.

I don't know how long I slept but all of a sudden I knew that I wasn't alone. I opened my eyes and you can guess my surprise when I saw Santa Claus himself standing next to my Christmas tree. He was dressed in fur from his head to his foot just as the poem described him, but he was not the "jolly old elf" of Christmas legend. The man who stood before me looked sad and disappointed, and there were tears in his eyes.

"Santa what's wrong?" I asked "Why are you crying?"

"It's the children" Santa replied sadly.

"But Santa the children love you" I said

"Oh I know they love me and they love the gifts I bring them," Santa said, "but the children of today seem to have missed out on the true spirit of Christmas. It's not their faults, it's just that the adults, many of them not being taught themselves, have forgotten to teach the children."

"Teach them what?" I asked.

Santa's kind old face became soft, more gentle. His eyes began to shine with something more than tears. He spoke softly. "Teach the children the true meaning of Christmas. Teach them that the part of Christmas we can see, hear and touch is more than meets the eye. Teach them the symbolism behind the customs and traditions of Christmas which we now observe. Teach them what it is that they truly represent."

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Elizabeth Young said...

This is beautiful Sandra! I make a lot of cards, but one of my New Years resolutions is to finally scrapbook all the pictures and information I have of my four grown children. It will take a while, but I have to start somewhere. Hope you and the girls have the best Christmas ever! God Bless, Elizabeth.

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