Monday, June 07, 2010

Mental Health Monday: Warning Signs

here are some noted warning signs of possible mental illness:
  • marked personality change
  • inability to cope with problems and daily activities
  • strange ideas or delusions
  • excessive anxiety
  • prolonged feelings of sadness
  • marked changes in eating or sleeping patterns
  • thinking about or talking about suicide
  • extreme highs and lows
  • abuse of alcohol or drugs
  • excessive anger, hostility
  • violent behavior
  • irrational fears

Many people do not realize that they are ill while many others do not seek help due to the stigmas attached to mental illness. Learning about mental illness may help you or someone you care about. If you or anyone you know shows any of these warning signs please seek professional help. There really is help out there for those of us that require it.

1 comment:

jillconyers said...

Very informative Sandra. I know a few people who should see your list.

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