Thursday, August 13, 2009

Logos Land Adventure (lotsa pics!!)

My Mom took the girls and I to Logos Land Resort last week. We stayed for two relaxing nights. I had heard of it before but it was way more than I could have ever imagined. The kids had so much fun and have asked Nana to take them back next year.

This is the restaurant was only steps from our motel room. Good food! They served a regular menu and a Pizza Hut Express menu.

Mom & the girls in front of the motel room.

the bedroom (as we were packing up)

the kitchen

gorgeous fireplace!!

one of my fave's

Emily splashing Amber - they had a lot of fun at the beach

the water park

view of the beach area included in the water park pass was the use of the water trampolines and the paddle boats, they also had canoe, kayak, pontoon boat, and water bike rentals

Amber & I - love this shot!!

Mom & Amber on the train ride

Mommy & Emily

the train

my beautiful Mom

Amber on the red racing slide

Emily on the red racing slide

Emily trying to pet the goats she loved the Petting Zoo

the beach and water park - the beach was awesome - complete sand


Mom & the girls in front of the restaurant

the girls & I

the famous Noah's Ark replica - this is the check-in, gift shop and Genesis cafe

the motel

love this pic!!

Amber on one of the blue slides (there were 2 adult, 2 children's and a splash pad)

Mommy & Emily

Nana & Emily - love this shot!!

there was a little playground right outside our motel room, the kids played there many times each day, their favorite part was the see saw

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