Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Weather

The weather we are having lately has been so strange. On Thursday we had the worst storm I can remember in a long time. The wind was insane - even moved my BBQ, the hail was huge, the rain was coming down in buckets, the thunder was incredibly loud and the lightning was everywhere. Amber and Emily were instantly scared as soon as the storm started. I have never seen them so scared of the weather before. It didn't help that our pregnant cat had gotten outside that day and was in the storm. I hate getting wet, but being the mommy I am, I braved the hail and rain to try and find the cat to no avail. Then I braved it again because the kids were crying that their flowers would get ruined. Afterwards I was so mad at myself for forgetting to get out my camera and document the whole thing. Our power went out at around 5 o'clock to which the kids were upset. They all of a sudden had fears of the dark that aren't typically there. Finally by 7 I took them to a friends house about 3 blocks away that had power so I could feed them supper. My one daughter decided to spend the night there where there were lights for her. The other came home with me to bed. When we got home the cat had returned which brought smiles to both kids. After I put Amber to bed I sat in my porch with nothing to do. I had never before thought about how much I rely on power - to have a light in the bathroom for the kids, to cook them supper, to leave on in the kitchen outside their bedroom door, to have something to do like watch t.v. after they go to bed. We use power for almost everything we do - something I have definitely taken for granted and now appreciate much more. The power finally came on early morning - thank goodness, I don't know how grumpy I would have been without that first sip of hot coffee.

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toners said...

Our power was out for 4 days last winter and I developed a whole new appreciation for it :) Glad everything is back on for you now!

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